Cedar Grilling Plank Label Design

Graphic Design – Typography 
Branding –  Layout


Branding Iron Foods contacted us to design a new label for their line of cedar grilling planks. The design needed to work with their other products and be attractive and appealing to the customer. We used colors to identify the different flavors for these bad boys: Garlic Lemon Pepper, Rosemary Merlot, Margarita Dill, Orange Citrus, Chipotle Lime, Teriyaki Sake, Roy's Rub Original and Roy's Spicy Rub. These all-natural gourmet grilling planks bring out the best flavor in grilled meats, vegetables and fruits. They combine steam cooking with cedar's natural smoke flavor and spices for a perfect unmatched taste.

Graphic Design

Jenny Purington

cooked cedar planked salmon with lemon and dill

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