You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Your logo, brochure and other marketing pieces say a lot about you, positive or negative. A well-designed marketing piece can give you credibility.

It can make you look like a high-tech company or a fun, trendy retail shop. That’s why we believe there’s more to good design than just being pretty. Colors, placement, shapes - all send messages whether you mean them or not.  We help you identify who you are trying to target, what personality you want to convey and create award-winning designs that appropriately convey your message.


Logo & Identity Design

A logo is a reflection of a business, one that creates instant identity for consumers. Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand. Does your logo inspire trust, loyalty, admiration, superiority or fade into the background? A well-designed logo takes research, collaboration, brainstorming, creativity, vision and great execution. A strong logo design should be simple, distinctive, relevant, memorable, timeless and versatile.

Signage Design

We create graphics for banner stands, trade show booths, billboards and general signage. Researching the appropriate design, making recommendations and getting quotes for production is all part of our process. We’ll even help you visualize your business or corporate signage by creating a rendering or photo illustration of what it would look like.

Packaging Design

With our talented graphic design experts, you can stand out from your competitors with a creative, eye-catching package design. Good packaging helps you more effectively market your products to consumers. The design must be unique, appealing to your target market, and communicate what it is and why consumers should buy it.

Print Promotion

Newspaper and magazine ads, newspaper inserts, billboards and more. If it’s advertising-related, we design it. Plus, you get the added bonus of a marketing expert’s point of view and our talented staff’s amazing, award-winning graphic design.

Publication Design

For the past 20 years we’ve written, designed and produced local and regional visitor guides, sales publications and catalogs for national and international companies, training manuals and booklets. We can even deploy your publication online for web visitors to view as if you had hand-delivered it. Flip books, as they are sometimes called, give your customers the instant gratification of viewing your product instantly instead of waiting for it to come in the mail.


We are proud of our artistry at Northwest Media, and we can put that to work by creating imagery to communicate your message using digital illustration. Whether you're putting together a picture book, producing a magazine, drafting an instruction manual, designing a poster for gigs or printing T-shirts, we'll help put turn your ideas into works of art.


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