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It is essential to measure your marketing campaign's efficacy to understand your customers better.


Direct messaging your customers.

The average smartphone user touches their phone over 2,000 times per day. A solid mobile marketing plan can ensure your message is seen. Crafting the right message can ensure a positive, measurable response.

An SMS-based mobile marketing plan eliminates the headache and cost of producing your own smartphone app and simplifies the delivery process of your marketing offer to customers regardless of their phone model or data plan.

By the numbers

SMS messaging averages a response rate of 45%. That's significantly higher than other marketing tools.

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Customer Loyalty

Encourage Repeat Business

We've all heard the old phrase "It is cheaper to keep a customer than gain a new one." That couldn't be more true. What if you could send targeted offers to customers that recently visited your store? Just think of the possibilities? Incentivizing a customer return is a simple way to gain a customer for life.

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Business Challenge

One less thing to worry about.

You have a business to run. Sales to make. Inventory to fill. Staff to manage. Your mobile marketing plan probably isn't your first priority every day. It is for us! 

We're here to handle your marketing and all the tasks and chores that come along with it, at no additional charge. Your success is our success.


All the latest technology built in to keep you on the cutting edge.

Our mobile marketing service offers many additional features such as mobile coupons, surveys, trivia, contests, raffles, appointment reminders, web forms, and more! Everything you need to drive real success for your business.

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