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About Hot Wire Direct


The Global Leader

Hot Wire Direct is the global leader in CNC foam cutting systems. I hadn't heard of it either until Chris called me asking for help with his website. Essentially, a CNC foam cutting system is a device that cuts foam into intricate shapes by heating a wire up to very high temperatures and melting the foam in a very precise manner. It is quite an interesting process and Hot Wire's products have a wide range of uses. 

They sell their machines all over the world and provide top-notch support and training. They'll even deliver, install, and train you at your location. It is great to see such a customer experience focused company.

Such great focus on the customer experience can have some drawbacks though. These highly-technical machines create a lot of support requests. This slows down sales efforts.

Empower Your Prospects and Your Customers

After chatting with Chris about the pain points in his current sales and support setup, we determined an informative website that gave both customers and prospects as much information as possible was the best starting point to remove the roadblocks for everybody. 

Also with several hundred online orders for accessories every month, there was a need to streamline the order fulfillment process as well.

Top To Bottom Overhaul

We cleaned up the website navigation, removed and consolidated excess pages, and provided easy-to-find links to product manuals. We also cleaned up product descriptions and simplified the checkout process in their online accessory store. This freed up time for staff to work on constructing the CNC machines. Effectively reducing manufacturing time by several days.

Finally, after inspecting previous website traffic, we made a concerted effort to improve the visitor experience on mobile phones, since over 60% of their traffic was from smartphone users.


A Well Oiled Machine

Our approach with Hot Wire Direct is no different than any of our clients. Our end goal is to create an online presence for our clients that generates a positive interaction for current and prospective customers. 

Hot Wire Direct is running at full speed and they're able to easily manage all aspects of their business through a highly effective website.

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