Avista NAIA World Series Campaign

Website Development
Digital Design – Graphic Design
Video Production – Campaign Development


We have been working with Avista NAIA World Series to create their campaign materials to promote more than 60 years of World Series baseball and 25 years of Championship Baseball at Harris Field. Since 1957, more than 1 million fans have attended the Series and 33 teams have claimed the coveted championship trophy. Northwest Media has developed a website, billboard, poster, Pepsi cup print design, tickets, program cover, and video to promote the series.

Creative Directors

Steven Reed - Brooke Cushman

Graphic Design

Darren Wood

Video Production

Steven Reed

Website Development

Nic Ford


Modern, Responsive Website

Avista NAIA World Series wanted a modern website that was easy for baseball fans to purchase tickets, keep up to date with stats, utilized social media integration, and get the inside scoop about the baseball championship tournament.


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