We help you reach your goals and achieve an online presence that will grow your audience and loyalty.

In addition to website development, our experience extends to search engine optimization as well as setting up and managing social media (Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, etc.) and Google AdWords campaigns.

Social Media

Looking for someone to manage your social media? Or even just give you some tips to help you set out on your own? If the words Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook give you chills, we can help!

For some clients, we manage their social profiles and create strategies for growing relationships. Other clients like to do it on their own, so we set up profiles and develop a social media plan for them to follow.

It’s important to identify what your goals are in developing a social media campaign. Do you want something to go viral? Do you want to grow your customer base? Do you want an easy, effective and frequent way to communicate with your fan base? These questions and more help us make recommendations for your social media plan. Give us a call! We’d love to brainstorm with you.

Search Engine Optimization

Running a website without Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like producing a sales brochure that sits in a storage room. It does you no good to have a web presence if you can’t be found. Our comprehensive SEO service includes three major components:

Technical Elements – Creating a search-friendly site and page structure that allows search engine robots to access and index all content on the site.

Strategy & Marketing Elements – Researching keywords, organizing content around searcher intent, crafting keyword-rich text, optimizing for different types of search results such as local and shopping searches, and integrating SEO and social media strategies.

Measurement – Ongoing monitoring of key metrics, analysis and strategy adjustments.

We can also track advertising campaigns, e-newsletter campaigns and social media campaigns so you can determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Google Ad Campaigns

"Just Google it." We've all heard that before, and for good reason! Google is #1 when it comes to search engines. It's also a great place to market your business. With Google Ads, you don't have to wait for your new site to organically work its way up the rankings. We set up and manage Google Ad accounts, pick key words that someone might use to discover your business, and bid against other marketers to place your advert within Google search engine listings.

Enewsletter Campaigns

No matter what type of business you operate, an email list is important to add to your marketing strategy. Using thoughtfully crafted email newsletters we help share your story, promote your services and showcase your products, all while inviting new subscribers to build a bigger audience. Our smart email platform is automated, which helps you reach out to first-time shoppers to thank them for their subscription and reward top followers with discounts triggered by their email-viewing behaviors.


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